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Image of artist Kevin Bowen for Art for Hope SLC

Who is bowen?

Father. Veteran. Activist. Artist of Color.

Hi, I’m Bowen. I’m a father (5 kids), Veteran (3rd generation), and graphic designer turned artist based in Salt Lake City where I create digital abstract lettering prints.
My story starts with a dream deferred. I chose to go into the military in my 20’s instead of pursuing my artistic dreams. After leaving service, I became a graphic designer. After nearly two decades pushing pixels for corporations and the government, I found my passion for art again.

It’s my hope that I’ll be known as an inspirational and empowering lettering artist and illustrator. I use my creative talents and technological experience to create abstract lettering art for deep thinkers, activists and lovers of words.

With one of my prints, your blank walls will thank you for making them more interesting.

latest collection

"Paper Maze"

In late 2019, I was invited to hold my first art show at the Art Access Gallery in Salt Lake City. The show would have run from April 10 – May 6, 2020 and was titled “Paper Maze”. Thanks to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, the show was cancelled. 

I had planned to display 20 works consisting of 16″x20″ prints based on Sharpie marker drawings I created over the 7 year period after I left the Air Force. It was during this time that I suffered a divorce, unemployment, housing instability, and mental health issues.

These challenges, however, brought me closer to my art. Creativity brought me focus and calm in those tough times. It also brought me a new lettering style and way of experiencing motivational quotes. This is reflected in the Paper Maze collection.

You can expect a rise in conversation when you put a piece from the Paper Maze Collection onto your walls. These pieces look great at any size and are sure to spark conversations. They’ll be available in limited runs at 5 different professionally printed sizes.

"die with memories not dreams"

– 2019

"None but ourselves..."

– 2020

"True Beauty is imperfect"

– 2019

"Do what you have to..."

– 2020

"Courage over fear"

– 2019

"It's only after we've lost everything..."

– 2019

"Normal is boring"

– 2019

"Destiny is not by chance"

– 2019

"Do the hard thing"

– 2020

"you're doing a good job"

– 2020

"Careful what you wish for"

– 2019

"Leave your comfort zone"

– 2020

"Show em what you're made of"

– 2019

"Fortune favors the bold"

– 2019

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